Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Design

So we have all heard about spring cleaning but have you heard about "Spring Design." This design is absolutely amazing it is a simple design to hang on a wall this are made with prismacolor markers and paper in a shape of a butterfly. Christly is the creator of this and other designs. Christy has a BA in art and Design and is obsessed with color, her obsession with color has influenced artwork and inspired her to make greeting cards, note cards, wrapping paper. and this design of butterfly's foe an interior wall. Her playful style combines clean colorful lines and happy images which is what caught my attention. hope you like!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Loft Beds

I visited a blogger named Decor8, and while I was there I came across a different blog by the name of Mirror Mirror. I went through their blogs and came to a site for loft beds. This beds are amazing some are double beds with drawer space and some are beds with desk space plus a mini closet. I was amazed by the design! Loft beds are perfect for children rooms or college students that need work area. Below I have provided the websites to the loft beds plus the two blog sites:

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Day at The Stadium

This past weekend I Finlay visited the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, I was blown away my the interior and the exterior.I took advantage of the time I was there and walked around some parts of the stadium. I tried taking pictures but because of the crowd it was a bit hard. I maneged to take three pictures of the lighting which i absolutely loved. One lighting fixture are squares overlapping each other, and one that look like footballs , as for the rest of the pictures I got from the cowboys website. I did some research on the building,the building was designed by HKS Sports & Entertainment Group, ranked as one of the top-five sport/stadium designers by BD World Architecture and found out that the stadium features two monumental arches, soaring 320 feet above the playing field, which support a retractable roof. "The stadium was developed to create a sense of power and motion".said HKS Architects.
The stadium features a canted glass exterior wall of 86-foot high glass,curtain-wall surface slopes outwardly at a 14 degree angle to create a luminescent glow day or night. this stadium holds a capacity of 80,000 to 100,000. The stadium is amazing, it is such huge building I really enjoyed my visit, I will soon go back and get a tour of the whole stadium and I will definitely take more pictures and make a new blog about the whole experience.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2011 Trends

So this week I was surfing through the web looking up interior designs trends and I came across interior color trends. it caught my attention, so whats hot this year? well it turns out that female colors are what is in mainly pinks. The color pink is intended to bring a person sweet childhood memories of nostalgia and energetic impressions. Researchers from Pantone Color Institute say that "This is a strong color and can be used for various skin types. Also can be used for a variety of styles and ages. Very positive, and I think that’s what many people wanted in 2011” . I for one like this color, pink it is a very bright but energetic color. But for those who are not in for pink color walls of pink anything then maybe a lime green, orange or perhaps a baby blue color will work better for you. I love the 2011 trend, after all we all need a little excitement in our home decor, and what better way than brightening up a room with beautiful colors!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kitchen Cabinets

This week I visited Lowe's and wondered around their kitchen section, I opened mostly every cabinet and found something different in each one. Some of the cabinets had things that I was familiar with already, for example the cabinet that opens up and has space to hold a trash can. I have seen various new built houses with cabinets like that. There were some cabinets that slide out with shelves for what I'm guessing a spice rack, I found that one very useful because if is a large space but hides as you close the cabinet. I think that is a very useful cabinet every kitchen should have. My favorite was one with sliding shelves, it is basically a pantry room that hides away in kitchen cabinets. There were cabinets with rotating bases to make finding and reaching for things a whole lot better, you do not have to move everything around to reach for something that is in the very back you could easily turn the cabinets and stop when you find what you are looking for. There was one that has storage space to put away utensils, or basically anything that can fit. An other one of my favorite was a cabinet that opens up and unfolds a ironing bored, although in my opinion the cabinet would be better in a laundry room or an other space rather that the kitchen. But I thought it was an unusual cabinet that caught my attention, far most my favorite cabinet. I think all this cabinets are useful in every kitchen, a must have, they have a lot of storage space and hide away to where one will not imagine it was there. It would make a kitchen more specious and beautiful because it would not be cluttered all in one space.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


This past weekends I have been helping out my boyfriend with redoing his room. Although he gave me a hard time finding the perfect color for his room, I think we finally found it. We started off with a blue and gray color because he is a major Dallas cowboys fan and wanted his room with what he calls "cowboys color" so I started by painting his room gray with a blue line midway of the wall and a big star on the wall. (unfortunately i have no pictures) then one day he calls me and tells me he decided not to do his room those colors,but instead all red walls. So their we go again painting his room a cherry red,with medium gloss. although we are not finished with the entire room, we decided to leave it where it is and wait a few weeks to shop for furniture. Its been quite a hassle since I had to work around his entertainment center but I managed to finish painting. So here are the pictures I was able to take,it is not much but i am proud of what I have achieved so far, and look forward to making the best out of this space.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Beautiful Interior

My inspiration for this weeks blog is a field trip I took with my sketching and rendering class. We visited a restaurant called Zoe's Kitchen, which I absolutely fell in love with! Besides the fact that the food is great, healthy and delicious the restaurant itself was amazing. The place gives out a good atmosphere, a warm yet healthy, natural outdoor look. Their orange, green, and yellow walls bring out the place, it made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. Then on certain walls they have some sort of wallpaper looking like (not so sure if it was painted on, or a wall paper) that stands out and go well with the place. As for lighting, they used sphere light hanging down, which complement the place. This place is well worth going to. The interior is amazing!
Here are some pictures I took of my favorite walls. Keep in mind they were taken with my phone so they are not the best pictures: